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up to 10¢ OFF
Every Gallon of our major brand gas, at time of purchase.
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Food Inside Store, at time of purchase.
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Git‘N Go’s loyalty program offers several incentives to cardholders. Every time you use your card you can save up to 10¢ on every gallon of gas and up to 3% on in-store purchases. This program is just another way we reward our loyal Git‘N Go customers. Click the button above to register your card online. If you don’t have a card, please stop by one of our stores and pick one up today!

Business Cards

Link a bank account to one of our Business Cards to get 10¢ off per gallon at any Git‘N Go location! Yep, git’n gas for your employees just got that much easier.

  • Better Personnel Controls and Management
  • Set Spending Limits
  • Limit Purchases to Fuel Only
  • Access to Individual Card Usage Reporting

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