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We’re all about Embracin’ our Appalachian Roots

Museum of Appalachia is a great place to visit to learn more about our Appalachian heritage.

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Git’N Go was voted the BEST convenience store in Anderson County!

Go’N Git Explorin!

34,000 acres, 22 marinas and resorts, 3 state parks, 2 wildlife areas are all reasons to visit and experience our nearby, beloved Norris Lake.

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The Clinton Courier was established by Horris B. Wells, Jr, in 1933.

Horris B. Wells, Jr was a young editor from Nashville.

In 1908, A fire destroyed virtually all of downtown Clinton.

The Community of Clinton grew substationly because settlers were able to travel primarily on the Clinch River, through the Cumberland Gap, and early railroads.

In 1910, Magnet Mills was the first to inspire women to apply for jobs with the slogan “Girls, Learn to be INDEPENDENT”

Clinton is one of the top 10 antiquing towns in the nation!

Stroll through Clinton’s historic district known for its antique and collectible shops!

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You can git 10¢ off every gallon of gas

Save up to 10¢ off every gallon of gas and more when you are a member of our loyalty program.

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You can show your Clinton Pride everywhere you go

‘Git yourself a Clinton Proud Git ‘N Go mug next time you visit one of our stores! #clintonproud

The Clinton 12 Made History

Clinton High School was the first public high school that underwent court ordered desegregation in TN, leading the South in change!

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Git’N Go has proudly served over 13,000,000 hot dogs!

There is an area in Clinton known as “Pop Hollow”

This name originated from the soda pop that was manufactured here.

Clinton was once named Burrville until Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

It was later changed to Clinton to represent the famous New York Clinton Family.

Our Mama’s Old Fashioned Hamburger is a Fan Favorite!

People just can’t seem to get enough of our Mama’s Old Fashioned Angus Beef Burger. Stop in and try one today!

We’ve Got a Wild Side

Visit exotic rescue animals from across the US at the Little Ponderosa Zoo & Rescue in Clinton.

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Breakfast, lunch & dinner

we’re here to satisfy your cravings just about any ‘ole time!

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The Clinch River fresh water pearls were world famous

In 1901, when wages were a $1 per day, the largest single freshwater pearl purchased was $5,500.

In 1905, Magnet Mills was formed to produce hosiery and employed 850 people in Clinton.

More Clinton and Git’N Go facts to come. Check back with us!